DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

Enjoy a waft of fresh eucalyptus every time you walk through the front door with your own homemade Christmas wreath.

The pale green and silver leaves of an Australian eucalyptus wreath will fade into orange, red, and brown when dried – and its invigorating fragrance is unrivaled.

Different varieties of gum trees produce unique seedpods so do a little foraging near your house for a local touch.

Pairing eucalyptus with kangaroo paw references its origins, and yarrow and caspia are right at home with this desert-loving bunch.

Excerpted from The Wreath Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo (Artisan Books, $45). Photos by Paige Green.

Eucalyptus Recipe 3: Wreath


6 branches of eucalyptus
6 stems of
kangaroo paw
6 stems of seeded eucalyptus
6 stems of caspia
4 stems of yarrow


Double-ring wreath frame
Paddle wire

1. Create a bundle from a variety of the ingredients and lay it on top of the double-ring wreath frame. Wrap paddle wire around the stems and the frame several times to secure them in place.

2. Continue making bundles and wiring them to the frame so that each new bundle covers the exposed stems of the previous one.

3. As you work your way around the wreath, tuck in longer pieces of eucalyptus as needed to make the wreath balanced.

4. Finish by tucking the stems of the last bundle beneath the first.




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