Handmade Christmas decorations
straight from the garden

Christmas decorations made using materials that you’ve found in your garden bring the beauty of the natural environment indoors to make for a magical celebration.

By Katrina Lezaic, who has her Permaculture Design Certificate


Install a long bare branch in the centre of your table as a catchall for eucalyptus blooms, kangaroo paw and succulents. You’ll need:

1 bare branch sized to suit your table
Medium-gauge wire

2 eucalyptus cuttings with flowers
4 kangaroo paw branches
3 wired succulents

How to:
1. Lay the branch across your display surface.
2. On one side attach the eucalyptus cuttings facing in opposite directions and wire them in place.
3. Finish by tucking the kangaroo paw through the eucalyptus and secure in place with the medium-gauge wire.
4. Attach the succulents in the middle of the eucalyptus branches to cover the ends of the cuttings.
Surround the centrepiece with candles in glass jars and extra flower cuttings and eucalyptus tips in glass bottles from thrift stores in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. Remember, it doesn’t have to match!

Napkin Pieces

Your napkin rings don’t need to match; in fact, they’ll only add more colour and interest if each one is unique. You’ll need:

Medium-gauge wire

1 branch of eucalyptus
1 sprig of rosemary
1 eucalyptus flower
1 cutting of jasmin

How to:
1. Loop the eucalyptus branch around itself and secure it with medium-gauge wire.
2. Tuck the rosemary and eucalyptus flower through the eucalyptus ring.
3. If you can make the napkin rings just before your guests arrive, tuck the jasmine through your decoration as well, as it will wilt faster than the other plants you have used
Place rings and napkins onto mismatched crockery sourced from second-hand stores. 




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