Money vs Morals

Can corporate social responsibility deliver sustainability?

Money vs Morals

Sydney: 23 November, 3 - 5pm
Melbourne: 6 December, 3 - 5pm

In the 1990s the world had a dream. Tame the dark side of capitalism with its pollution and exploitation, while capturing the best of the market system for the good of people and planet. So, corporate social responsibility - CSR for short – was created. BUT … it all keeps going horribly wrong. In recent times:
* After winning various accolades for its work on CSR, BP blew up its global reputation & up to $US30 billion in damages in the oily depths of the Gulf of Mexico
* Safety lapses toppled Toyota from popular best-in-class status in the auto world
* Nestle and its high-selling Kit Kat brand were humbled over palm oil, Asian rainforest destruction and endangered orangutans
* Big banks and fossil fuel companies in Australia and internationally are under daily assault over their business decisions, corporate positioning & brand marketing.

So is CSR just tick-the-box spin? Can there be a genuine gold standard? Or do we need a whole new way to engage and evaluate business in creating a sustainable economy?

Find out, when Paul Gilding debates Simon Longstaff (in Sydney) and John Thwaites (in Melbourne) on Money vs Morals. These thought-leaders on the intersection of business with the environment and society will be followed by an expert panel discussion.

Sydney: Wesley Conference Centre: the Lyceum room, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW.
Melbourne: The Arts Centre: Spire Building, ANZ Pavilion, Level 8, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Vic.
Cost: Individual ticket: $120 (early bird rate $96), Groups of 10: $1000 (early bird rate $800), NGO/Not for profit: $65, Green Capital subscribers: Free
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