Japan Dolphins Day

Japan Dolphins Day


1 September

The first of September is fast approaching. This date marks the start of dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan. Join one of the many Dolphin Day events happening around the globe on 1 September at Japanese Embassies and Consulate offices. In Australia, there are events in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

There are reports that one hundred policemen have taken part in 'drills' in anticipation of the arrival of protesters in Japan in September. However, the protestors say they are there in peace, simply trying to highlight the atrocities; they have never been violent and have never broken the law. In the words of Edmund Bourke: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

Sydney Japanese Consulate, 34/52 Martin Place.
When: Meet at Hyde Park Fountain at 1pm and walk to Consulate.
Organiser: David Hempton,

Melbourne Consulate-General of Japan, 570 Bourke Street.
When: 12noon - 3pm.
Organiser: Rick Gned,

Perth Harold Boas Gardens, Wellington Street.
When: 12noon - 3pm.
Organiser: Nicola Harris,

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