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The Business of Green

Money matters in the green world, by Leon Gettler.

Will Rudd's green package deliver?

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Credit: Wikimedia

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The Rudd Government's economic stimulus package, which finally got through after some arm twisting from Senator Nick Xenophon, promises good things for the environment. As G-Online reports, there is almost $1 billion for the Murray-Darling Basin, including funds for storm water capture, water buybacks and re-engineering, ensuring better environmental water flows and the package includes rebates for solar hot water systems and insulation investment as well as a $40 million investment in bikeways projects.

On the face of things, it's a good start. But it raises a number of questions. Is it enough? And can the green initiatives get through the bureaucratic hoops? Are we actually see anything?

According to this report, the Rudd Government's performance so far has been underwhelming. The solar, insulation and water-saving programs promised in 2007, and funded in the May budget, have not generated a single solar panel, pink batt or water tank. Part of the problem is state governments moving in to take control of the tendering process.

So let's just see how this pans out. Will the green package deliver? What do you think?