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What are your problem switches?

Microwave power

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So how are we all doing with this challenge? How often are you remembering to switch off at the wall?

I'm doing ok - I did forget a couple of times, but mostly I'm doing well. I've reorganised my laptop power strip so that it's easier to reach the wall switch, so now I'm switching that off every time I'm done with the computer.

But I'm having trouble in the kitchen. I'm happy to switch off the microwave at the wall, because we don't use it for a clock at all (I don't think we ever learned how to set the time on it in the first place!), and we don't use it everyday. But it lives on top of our fridge, using the same wall switch, which I definitely don't want to switch off.

Plus, even if I was able to switch them off separately, the power point is right behind the fridge, so it's not very convenient. I think I'm going to have to separate them somehow.

The rest of the kitchen is fine though. We've got lots of individual power points at easy-to-reach spots on the wall, so the toaster and kettle can be switched on when wanted then turned off again. I'm not sure that they draw all that much power, but I don't like to do things by halves, so off they go.

We do have one switch there that stays on all the time, which is for our cordless phone. I suspect it draws quite a bit of power, because it's got three or four little red lights that come on and off for various reasons as well as the standby light. I'll have to investigate it further! What are your problem switches?