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Green challenges

Thinking global and acting local, Julie Grundy takes on any challenge we throw at her.

I don't mind the bills, but...

It's not as if I like getting bills in the mail anyway. When I get them in my email, I can pay them in a matter of minutes, when they arrive in my mailbox I have to put them aside to deal with later.

The other menace in my mailbox is junk mail. All it does is tempt me to buy stuff I didn't know I needed until I saw the glossy advertising. You can get a No Junk mail sticker for free by writing to the Distribution Standards Board, or buy one from hardware stores. I've got a No Junk Mail sticker on my mailbox, which is usually respected.

Real estate agents seem to think that they're the exception to this rule though, I don't understand why. I wasn't planning to sell my house or buy another one, but since you mentioned you're available, I guess I'll find an extra $400,000 to spend, Mr R E Agent! Or not, I suppose. It's so wasteful.

The other good thing I've done to reduce the amount of paper that's wasted on junk mail is get myself off the mailing lists. You can do this by going to the Australian Direct Marketing Services website and put yourself on their Do Not Mail list. That should remove you from most of those "To the householder" style mailing lists.

When I want to buy something, I'm perfectly capable of looking up information on the internet, or calling around the shops, or asking my friends for recommendations. Obviously businesses need to advertise to get themselves known, but it bugs me that they act as though they're doing me a favour by bombarding me with demands that I buy more stuff.