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Green challenges

Thinking global and acting local, Julie Grundy takes on any challenge we throw at her.

Stay sun-smart when you ride or travel by public transport

Girl wearing sunhat and sunglasses

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If you've been keeping up the effort on the ditch the car challenge we did earlier this year, you'll still be spending a bit of time on your bike, on walking to and from the bus or a train. I bet you've noticed the weather heating up for summer, and I hope you've been staying sun-smart to protect yourself from skin cancer.

While you're out in the sun, you'll be needing a shirt, hat and sunglasses to cover you up. I like a long-sleeved, tightly-woven but loose-fitting shirt, for more protection. I'd love to find one in organic cotton, but so far haven't had any luck finding one that fits right. But I've got a straw hat in a style that goes with everything, and big fashionable sunnies that are UV rated for safety.

As every Aussie knows, sunscreen is a must. There are lots of organic brands for you to choose from, available from eco-shops, although I'm starting to see them in the chemist's shops as well. I've got a roll-on type that I keep in my handbag just in case, as well as the usual tubes and packs at home. Before you choose one, have a look at Carla's article on the safety issues around sunscreen.

Don't forget your bottled water! It's not just part of your challenge to help the environment, it's to help keep you hydrated in the hot weather we'll be getting over the next few months. If your bottle is insulated to keep your water cold, that'll be much nicer for you.

But honestly, your easiest and most eco-friendly protection from skin cancer is to step into the shade of a tree. See, another reason why deforestation is bad! Trees really do have so many benefits for us.