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The Business of Green

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Australia's giant carbon footprint


Credit: iStockphoto

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It looks like Australia is one of the world’s biggest culprits when it comes to destroying the planet.

The ABC reports that a new study ranks Australia as being among the top 10 environmental offenders in the world.

Despite our relatively small population, we have one of the biggest carbon footprints on the planet.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide, the National University of Singapore and Princeton University pulled together figures from various sources, including the United Nations and found that we have some of the highest per-capita water use and the highest per-capita carbon emissions.

If that’s not bad enough, we have also set the world record for modern mammal extinctions, mainly due to invasive species and habitat loss.

The study is important because it shatters the myth that developing countries, like China and India, are the ones causing climate change. As reported here, the worst offenders in order are Brazil, USA, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, Australia and Peru.

And it’s going to get worse.

The Rudd Government has already backed off from an emissions trading scheme, something I looked at in my last blog.

Add the fact that the Rudd Government has axed the Green Loans scheme and scrapped its botched insulation scheme.

The Greens say the Government has just given up on the environment. It’s too much hard work, not to mention political risk.