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The Business of Green

Money matters in the green world, by Leon Gettler.

Back to climate change


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Climate change is back on the agenda. A number of forces, political, business and international, have done that.

First, we have the deal between the Labor Party and the Greens, all part of Julia Gillard’s desperate bid to hang on to power. Greens leader Bob Brown has said that any emissions scheme or carbon tax is going to be tougher than anything the ALP Government had offered before. The deal will also create a climate change committee made up of politicians and experts, to help create a price on carbon. The plan is that politicians on all sides will work together, provided they agree on the need for a price on pollution. That’s the plan in any case. What it does do however is ensure that climate change has been taken off the back burner.

You can add to that Australian business now pushing for a carbon price. Lend Lease Australia CEO Rod Leaver who now heads the National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development recently told Climate Spectator that establishing a carbon price was now the number one priority. “We need to take a pragmatic approach and develop a visionary leadership group that can come up with solutions. This forum can set the agenda for how a carbon pricing mechanism may work, and come up with a fair and equitable approach which achieves a leadership position for Australia.”

The reality is business has been frustrated by the government’s lack of direction. Without a carbon price, investment decisions have been put on hold. It’s an issue I examined here.

In addition that, one of the world’s most prominent climate change skeptics Bjorn Lomborg, who had previously attacked climate scientists, campaigners, the media and others for exaggerating global warming and its effects on humans, is now saying global warming is the world’s biggest problem. He has called on governments around the world to invest over $100 billion annually to fix the climate change problem.

The ground seems to be shifting. Now let’s see what comes next.