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Green challenges

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4 ways to share your sustainability knowledge

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Not all volunteer work is where you learn from an expert and follow their instructions - there are also opportunities to share your knowledge with people who are interested in learning. I know that among our G readers we’ve got people who are really good at saving water and saving energy, and it’s a shame if that knowledge stops with you. Why not give it away?

Here’s some ways you can give your information out to people:

  • On the internet: start an instructional website, or write a guest post for an eco-friendly blog, or make a video of you showing people your skills. I’ve seen great articles on bee-keeping, making your own reusable bags, and converting your petrol car to electricity! You don’t have to write like Tara Moss or look like Hugh Jackman, you just have to give clear instructions in a friendly way.
  • In your community: see if your local council or state government has programs for environmentally-useful skills like saving water or growing vegies. Libraries often run short sessions on local issues. They might appreciate a volunteer who can lead a class or two.
  • Ask radio or a local tv show to interview you as you demonstrate your skills: this way you can reach a wider audience. If you’re lucky they might pay you, but often they assume that publicity will be enough to satisfy you!
  • Write a book or newspaper column: this one might actually lead to getting paid, so it doesn’t quite count as volunteering. It’s also a lot more work! But if you’ve got a lot of knowledge to share, why not give it a try?

The world faces more and more environmental problems as time goes by. I don’t think we can afford to keep any tips or tricks to ourselves, we have to share them generously. There’s a lot of people out there who want to help, but don’t know what to do - let’s show them how it’s done!

Today’s volunteer opportunity
If you’re in NSW or Queensland, you might like to take a look at the CSIRO Energy Mark program. They’re looking for 500 people to help their friends and family save energy, and will show you how to teach them. I hope it works well enough that they bring this program to other states, I’d love to do it.