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Green challenges

Thinking global and acting local, Julie Grundy takes on any challenge we throw at her.

New challenge: wearing eco-friendly clothes!

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Hooray, it’s time for a new challenge! This month we’re doing our best to wear something eco-friendly every day.

According to Design Victoria, the environmental impacts of clothes range from the materials used, the way they’re manufactured, the way they’re transported and the way they’re cared for. There’s also ethical considerations: how are the textile workers treated? is fast fashion working against our sustainable living goals?

So where do we start? As always, we think about our usual green mantras: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle and Think Global, Act Local. I checked my wardrobe to find out what I’ve got already that will help me meet this challenge. Here’s what I found:

  • 2 organic cotton tee-shirts, 1 bamboo tee-shirt, plus some organic cotton pyjamas and underwear. Organic cotton reduces the amount of pesticides, herbicides and water used to grow this basic clothing crop, and bamboo can be a really sustainable crop if used correctly.
  • 1 top I got at an op-shop and 1 top a friend gave to me. This is reusing items that other people didn’t need anymore.
  • 2 pairs of sweatshop-free sneakers, which use FSC Certified rubber instead of petroleum-based rubber. This reduces the waste of oil and the pollution caused by it’s production, and helps promote sustainable forestry.
  • 2 woolly jackets that I’ve repaired before by sewing their buttons back on. I’m not sure I’m going to get the use out of them in this hot weather though!

Hmm. It’s enough to get me started if I only wear one of these items at a time, and believe me I’ll be counting the pyjamas and sneakers for one day each. But don’t worry if your wardrobe hunt doesn’t reveal anything eco-friendly - this month I’ll be showing you how you can gradually switch over to a low-impact yet stylish set of clothes.