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My week without meat

Qantas Club

Lynette said the delicious meat-free dinner at the Qantas Club was worth two servings.

Melbourne dumplings

When in Melbourne, Lynette loves a dumpling hit, and these vege ones hit the spot.

Longrain betel leaf

Options for vego appetisers and entrees are endless – like this tasty betel leaf with coconut from Longrain Melbourne.

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By Green Lifestyle magazine’s Group Advertising Manager, Lynette Rochford.

Recently I saw an ad for Meat Free Week in a women's magazine, so I clicked through onto the website and started reading. As a current omnivore I began to realise just how much we can all make a difference to animal cruelty and the environment by limiting the amount of meat we eat. This struck a chord and I decided right then and there to give it a go. I love vegetables and so figured it had to be pretty easy. Plus restaurants have plenty of vegetarian options right?

I found cutting out meat quite easy at home and work, however the week (18 – 24 March) fell at a difficult time for me - in that I had a lot on. I was dining out three nights of the week, and then for the other four days and nights I was interstate and travelling for work to various events.

What I discovered was that most functions that I went to had two or three versions of what they said was “vegetarian” - but which included prawns and or fish. I realised quite quickly that Australia is not always as vego-friendly as I'd thought.

Determined to stay on the task and make things a little easier for myself I rang one of the venues for a function that I was invited to later in the week, asking for a vegetarian option. I didn’t want to cause a fuss, but was very glad that I called - had I not, I would have been faced with absolutely no option of vegetarian for hors d'oeuvres, entrée or main! Crisis averted.

Having finished the week successfully I'm eating a little meat again but am now really positive about reducing the amount of meat I eat each week and increasing my availability of vegetarian options.

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