Green stories, by Lesley

The musings of Lesley Lopes about the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Doing great things


Green Lifestyle magazine's new editor, Lesley Lopes.

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Whenever I mention to people that I’m now working for Green Lifestyle magazine the reaction is invariably positive. ‘Oh, what a great job that must be?’ is the usual comment. And they’re right. I’m very privileged to be editor of this publication, not least because I get to find out about all the great things Australians are doing to make their lives more sustainable.

I’m also pleased to discover that other people seem to look upon my work in writing about eco-friendly lifestyles as an interesting and, perhaps, worthwhile job. I think that it’s both, but then I’m most likely biased. Whatever it is, I’m very happy to have been able to join the Green Lifestyle team.

My first issue with this magazine fortuitously coincided with an opportunity to include a feature story on perhaps the ultimate eco-warrior, Dr David Suzuki. Our deputy editor, Caitlin Howlett, had an insightful interview with the Canadian environmentalist about the problems we face with climate change and overpopulation, and his ideas for educating people to think about these important issues.

You’ll find plenty of other good reading in the September/October issue, which is on sale this coming Thursday. There are tips on starting a vegie patch, advice on cooling your home and, perhaps my favourites, some recipes for delicious meals and desserts tailored for the goodness of homegrown, sustainable and wholefood ingredients.

What kinds of stories do you want to see in
Green Lifestyle? In the interests of getting to know you better, we’re conducting a reader survey, and to encourage you to take part there are 10 prizes up for grabs. See page 15 of the new Sept/Oct issue for the code to enter before completing the survey here.

Don’t forget to pick up the following November/December issue of the magazine, where we’ll announce the winners of our Green Lifestyle Awards in categories ranging from food and transport to kids, business and beauty products. That issue will be on sale from 18 October.

In the meantime, happy spring gardening!