The Myall Lake escape

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Take a leisurely look at what the Myall Lakes area has to offer

Myall Lake

Credit: Kate Holdsworth

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The dingo returned my stare, half defiant, half puzzled - with neither of us sure what to make of the other.

Both out on our early morning wanders, we each thought we held court over the area and hadn't really expected to be disturbed.

I wasn't scared of him - in fact I was buzzing. Not only was this dingo the first I'd ever seen, but I had no idea there were any in the area. It was such a delight to find one so close to my cabin.

The meeting was brief though; the dingo quickly turned on his heel, leaving me to continue my walk through the resort. The next hour certainly didn't disappoint.

My first impression of the Myall Shores Resort was the feeling that I wasn't there to observe the local nature, but rather to feel a part of it.

Meandering by the lakeside watching the movie-set mist rising from the water, I was entertained by the honky-tonk swans preening themselves in the crisp first light and calmed by the deep drone of the ocean in the distance.

The birds serenaded me with a jumbled assortment of melodies as a lone duck followed along behind me, squawking in seeming disbelief that I didn't slow down to wait for it.

Located on the mid-north coast of NSW, the resort is cradled in Myall Lakes National Park, which boasts four fantastic lakes to explore: Bombah Broadwater, Two Mile Lake, Boolambayte Lake and Myall Lake.

The region is home to an abundance of plant and animal life and contains 10,000 hectares of wetlands - the largest fresh and saltwater mixed lake system on the state's coast.

Independently eco-certified, the 56 cabins within the resort are designed to make the most of natural light as well as minimise heating and cooling requirements. Each cabin, assembled off-site to lessen the impact on the local environment, is slightly different to the next, as most materials were sourced from the leftovers of other building sites.

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