Taste test: green powders

Green Lifestyle magazine

We taste tested a range of healthy green powders on the market to find our top three.


The all-round preferred green powder in the Green Lifestyle office is lifestream's ESSENTIAL GREENS.

Credit: Rivqa Rafael


Credit: Rivqa Rafael

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Many of us don’t manage to fit in the recommended dose of two fruit and five vegetable serves per day. It can be handy to have a healthy supplement rich in alkaline supergreens such as spirulina, chlorophyll and wheatgrass, with all your essential vitamins and minerals thrown in. Some vitamin supplements don’t taste great, and some don’t take environmental factors into account, so here’s our rundown of the top green powders we've found on the market. If the flavours don’t appeal, these can be added to smoothies, or even mixed into sauces for fussy eaters.

This is the all-round preferred green powder in the Green Lifestyle office, with a pleasant, soft green tea flavour.
Dark green in colour, it has a clean aroma. We’re chuffed that Planet Health has chosen to be a voluntary member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, supporting smarter packaging.
$43.95 (150 g), www.planethealth.com.au

Bare Blends
This freeze-dried spinachy goodness will make you feel as strong as Popeye! Smelling of earth and freshly mown grass, this powder is all-organic, and comes in completely biodegradeable packaging – by contrast, the other brands have completely recyclable packaging.
$64.99 (250 g), www.bareblends.com.au

Synergy Natural Premium Super Greens
A vibrant dark green colour, Synergy is the most grassy, with hints of kelp and seaweed. Sweetened with stevia, it’s also certified organic by international and Australian standards.
$23.90 (200 g), www.synergynatural.com

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