Australia's best green inventions

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Make your life greener 'by design' with these great green ideas...

Throughout 2009, our great green minds from Down Under have been working on some truly top ideas! Check out this sneak peek of G Magazine's list of the year's 10 most innovative eco-products...



What is it?
Greensacks are reusable, lightweight mesh bags designed to replace small, single-use plastic fruit and vegie bags. The mesh allows air to circulate around the food inside, keeping it fresher for
longer and resulting in less food waste. Greensacks are machine-washable and carry up to three kilos of produce.

"I hated seeing so many small plastic bags being torn off rolls at supermarkets and greengrocers, knowing they
were going straight to landfill," says inventor Pam Bellette. "I wanted to provide shoppers with a reusable alternative."

Green cred
Will reduce the current Australian use of over 10 million plastic bags a day, which take between 15 and 1,000 years to break down. The bags were also finalist in the 2009 news.com.au Green Awards.


The environmental toothbrush

What is it?
A bamboo-handled toothbrush with biodegradable polymer bristles sewn in. "I wanted to do something about the plastic waste generated from health care," says inventor Natalya Taylor.

"As a dentist, choosing disposable plastic toothbrushes is the norm. I used bamboo for the product and packaging instead. I hope this invention inspires people to create more simplicity and less pollution in all areas of our lives."

Green cred
Australians discard 30 million non-renewable plastic toothbrushes annually, adding 1,000 tonnes to landfill.
These brushes break down into compost, leaving no residue, and were a winner in the 2009 news.com.au Green Awards.


The KeepCup

What is it?
A reusable coffee cup to take to coffee shops, made to standard retail coffee sizes. They're BPA-free and made
from polypropylene.

Say inventors Abigail and Jamie Forsyth: "We hope to change consumer behaviour about coffee on the run. The KeepCup is a well designed and considered choice - but the important thing is to reduce, reuse and say no to disposables."

Green cred
Australians use about 500 million disposable cups a year and most are not recycled. The KeepCup will not only reduce cappucino-related landfill, but represents an energy saving compared to the production of disposable cups.

Also on our list...

Home aquaponics kits, eco-friendly paints, a solar heating and ventilating system, an intelligent refrigerator, a water fuel cell, a polystrene compacting machine and an office waste management system. For full details, check out the November/December issue of G Magazine, on sale now!

Our editor, Carolyn Barry, visited the set of Channel 7's Sunrise program to chat to hosts Kochie and Mel about these great green inventions. Check out the video HERE.