Carmella's music for the soul

Green Lifestyle

Carmella Baynie talks nature, mantras and the power of music.


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What is your connection between nature, environment and spirituality?
I'm passionately in love with both music and nature, I see reflections of the two... to be in harmony with music, to be in harmony with nature. There is both harmony and discordance in nature, just like music – nature inspires me to create music from the sense of awe and wonder it brings to my spirit.

What aspects of nature do you see in your music, or particular instruments you use?
I like to use my voice like a reed instrument, to try to sing smoothly, carried by the breath. I've worked with breath for over 25 years in both singing and in yoga, it can heal and soothe both singer and listener, reflections on the wind. Vocal music is music from the soul. Ether transports sound vibration, it's a science; this is why negative sound vibration can cause catastrophe.

What are your top tips on how you reduce your impact on the planet?
I am a committed vegetarian (since 1985) and mostly vegan, or if I have dairy products occasionally, I make sure they are ahimsa (sanskrit for non-violence) products.

I have always put money into environmental causes ever since I was in high school. Find great causes to get behind, it's remarkable how much change communities can cause from a grass roots level all the way to the senate.

I chant japa mantra every day on beads, these very powerful mantras contain a certain life-force. The power of prayer can be overwhelmingly strong, creating pockets of healthy electro-magnetic frequencies in the very ether around you. It has been described as a great practice for our time – chanting, kirtan. It alters the environment.

You love practicing yoga on the SLINKII mat – why is that?
Practising yoga on the SLINKII is like flying on a magic carpet. The perfect blend of soft, earthy and strong with awesome grip for Australian Summers. The colour is rustic and gorgeous, made of jute and rubber. It's a delight!