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We've sourced the hottest new garden plants, seeds, and products this season to keep your garden in tip top shape.


Reusable zinc plant labels.

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Basil hedge
The compact leaves and dense habit of the new Basil Boxwood (Ocimum basilicum) from Oasis makes it perfect for planting along paths and garden edges for a decorative border. Space plants 25–30 cm in a spot with full sun. You’ll be harvesting in 5–7 weeks. Pinch out the growing tips often to ensure lush growth. www.oasis.com

Zinc plant labels
These cute reusable plant labels will help you to know what’s what in your newly planted vegie garden. They’re made from zinc and come in oval or rectangular shapes. $7.50 each or three for $20 with spike; $3.50 each or three for $10 with hole. www.ourkitchengarden.com.au

Organic seeds
Greenpatch Organic Seeds has a new range this spring. They’re untreated, non-hybrid, open pollinated and they’re only $3 per pack. And you can buy them online. www.greenpatchseeds.com.au

Decorative chillies
The Chilli Bite range from Floriana includes fruitis rated from sweet and mild to very hot. They’re compact plants with decorative fruits which makes them suited to not only the vegie patch but also mixed ornamental beds. You can easily grow them in pots or hanging baskets. They’re available in eastern states and SA. www.floriana.com