How to get eco-summery legs

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Hot summer days are on the horizon, so here's simple tips to get your legs ready.


Love your legs! We encourage you to go a la natural, and confidently strut your pins any way you want to.

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There's no reason that your legs aren't perfect just the way they are! But if you want to spoil them for summer, we've got some eco-friendly tips to help you.

Getting luscious summer legs can lead to a hefty eco-footprint, but it needn't be that way. There are ways to remove hair, exfoliate, and get a sun-free tan naturally, without chemicals, and sometimes even with a bit of good old-fashioned, self-indulgent fun.

Like any good beauty regime it is best to keep it as simple as possible, so here are four steps, including some of the best products we've come across yet, to help you have the most lovely-looking legs to love.

1. Exfoliate
Not everyone knows about it, or how to do it, but exfoliation is an important part of any skin care routine. Basically, it helps remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, rejuvenating new cells, and leaving your with a healthy glowing look. It's ok to scrub the skin on your body, but not many people know that all that's needed to exfoliate your face is a compress with a warm cloth that's then gently wiped off.

The best exfoliating body scrubs are of course natural ones; where the physical particles are a natural ingredient rather than a plastic or a chemical ingredient. Hopefully you're well aware of the damage microplastics are causing to the environment. Most conventional exfoliants use little plastic beads, but we really don’t want to be sending these down the drain!

Instead, we suggest using a body brush (dry or wet) to exfoliate, or an all-natural scrub that you can use before you get in the shower to save time, and therefore save water. We can highly recommend making your own DIY coffee scrub, as it's a great way to use up coffee-grinds, and the caffeine helps to perk up your skin. If you're a bit too lazy to go DIY, there's a few all-natural products that use coffee granules too:

- One of the yummiest store-bought exfoliators that we've come across is the SAYA's Coffee and Orange peel Body Scrub. (http://www.sayaskin.com/collections/hand-body/products/coffee-orange-pee...) Not only does this smell like heaven on Earth, this body scrub leaves your legs feeling silky smooth with the coconut oil it's made with. The combination of the zesty orange peel makes it smell like you are rubbing heaven on your legs.

- We love La Mav's skincare products, as it's perfect even for really sensitive skin (sometime our DIY coffee scrubs have been a bit too harsh, and not quite soothing enough!). The coffee granules in the La Mav's Coffee Bean Body Scrub (http://www.lamav.com/shop/coffee-bean-body-scrub) aren't harsh against your skin. It has coconut oil, camellia oil and macadamia oil, so your legs always feel amazing after having this goodness rubbed all over them!

2. Hair Removal
DIY sugaring. Yes, it is as sweet as it sounds! Sugaring is an environmentally friendly, extremely cost effective and fun way of removing unwanted hair. Similar to waxing, a sticky mixture is smeared over your legs or the area you want to remove the hair, but the pain factor is much lower than waxing. There are plenty of recipes on the internet, but this is one that we have found to work.

You will need:
- 2 parts organic raw sugar
- 1 part honey
- 1 part water
- Something to apply the mixture to your legs with like a knife or small spatula
- Cloth strips to peel it off with (mixture dissolves in warm water so they can be rinsed and re-used)

Combine the ingredients on the stove (or mircrowave). This is the trickiest bit: too short of a time and the mixture is too soft, or too long it turns hard! Depending on the stove top it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You want it to be a thick, viscous consistency. Let it cool to make sure you have cooked it right, if it is too think just add a little more water. Once you are happy with the mixture, apply it to your legs (the hair needs to be the same length as if you were going to wax it), smooth on the cloth strip, and rip in opposite direction of hair growth. The faster you pull, the better you'll

3. Tan
It's not a good idea to sit in the sun without sunscreen and just bake yourself to get a tan – the risk of cancer means it's just a silly idea. You'll get a nice enough sun-kissed look from all your regular beach walks, hikes, picnics and other outdoor activities that you love – just remember to slip, slop, and slap, especially between 11am and 3pm. So, fake it! Just be careful of some harmful ingredients in conventional tanning products, including spray tans in the salon. For a great, streak-free, all-natural tan, you really can't go past Eco Tan for great value for money, and it's in a fully-recyclable bottle.

4. Moisturise
You've gone to all the trouble to do the tanning, so make it last by keeping it moisturised. If you love DIY skincare, add a slop of coconut oil onto your legs after every shower, or every time you tan. Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, soothing, and Aruvedic principles say that coconut oil has a cooling effect on the body, so we figure it's fine to go nuts on it in the warmer months (and maybe go for a jojoba oil in the winter months instead). If you feel it's time to add a bit of a luxury treatment for your skin, we can't talk highly enough of the glittery, shiny goodness, of the Sasy 'n Savy Body Shimmer, with Australian botanicals. You'll look like the sun and stars came down and kissed your shiny skin!