LED buyer's guide

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Check out the newest, coolest, LED-lighting that we could find.


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If you've read our feature, Light up your life, you're probably convinced of the benefits of LEDs! So, check out some of these versatile options we're found for you.

TIP: Don't forget that you should only update your old lights to more efficient ones if you really need to, and that if you are buying new, be sure to recycle your old lights correctly at a drop-off point near you. You might also like to learn how to fix your electronics at one of the many Fix-it café's popping up around the place, or you could get creative and upcycle your own light fitting or housing from re-purposed materials.

Lights listed in order from top left, by row, top to bottom, in the main story image.

Issey Miyake IN-EI
Made from recycled PET plastic bottles using a technology that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40 per cent compared to new materials. This Fukurou suspension lamp holds its shape independently of a frame.
$810, www.artemide.com.au

Artemide Provoca
Floodlights are typically energy-intensive, but this pole-mounted fitting breaks the mould. Perfect for illuminating large, open landscapes effeciently.
$1,058, www.artemide.com.au

Solar Sun Jar
Leave the Sun Jar near a window or under direct sunlight so the solar panels on the top can collect energy. When darkness falls, it gives off a warm, enchanting glow that creates a beautiful ambience for evening soirees.
$49.95, www.yellowoctopus.com.au

Tastic Neo Dual
Hardwired and dual-purpose, this Tastic fitting combines LED light technology with high-quality ventilation. Replacement globes only cost around $25.
$849, www.ixlappliances.com.au

Pendant ISG AKI S
It’s almost an optical illusion. The LED lights are inset into the Okumé wood (which can also be painted white or grey). It’s the kind of statement pendant that lights up a room in more ways than one. $POA, www.customlighting.com.au

Botanica Qbic
Polished stainless steel and teak treated to withstand harsh climatic conditions, this stylish outdoor lighting set-up is designed to last.
$1,888, www.lightco.com.au

Ceramic Nightlight
Kids will sleep tight knowing that ‘Loppy’ is looking after them. Using minimal energy, Amalfi Homewares’ 10 cm high porcelain may even become a much-loved ornament as your child grows up as well.
$10.95, www.amalfihomewares.com.au

Brightgreen BR450
Replace any standard 35 watt incandescent globe and switch from using 35 watts of electricity to just seven watts, saving up to 90 per cent on your power consumption.
$32, www.biome.com.au

Dalton Lamp
Available in a range of modern colours (shown here in Navy), this lamp only uses an impressive five watts and the replaceable globe gives 30,000 hours of light. Height is 550 mm and colour temperature is 2,700k-3,2000k.
$60, www.aerodesigns.com.au

LED Candles
Made from real wax, this is a flame-, smoke-, and worry-free, way to mimic a flickering flame. The remote control helps create stunning visual effects in hard-to-reach places prone to drafts.
$29.95 (3 candles, + remote), www.colourblocker.com.au

Flecha USB
This USB-charged LED table lamp looks like it comes from the future. With a transparent light diffuser, it gives off an ethereal look, yet is bright enough to light the desk of a home office effectively.
$POA, www.customlighting.com.au

Drawing on inspiration from the Imperial Deathstar as opposed to traditional pendant lighting, the look of this module depends on your vantage point. Uses just 80 watts. Designed by Neil Poulton exclusively for Artemide. $5,752, www.artemide.com.au

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