Pay-it-forward planters

Green Lifestyle

Think growing your own food requires a green thumb and a large backyard? Well, madeforward is about to prove you wrong.


Madeforward's easy to mount indoor or outdoor 'Staghorn' wall planter is currently on sale at just $49.


Madeforward's self-watering 'Romaine' (named after the lettuce variety) is a benchtop herb garden.


Madeforward's 'Liana' planter is a freestanding plant ladder that leans against any internal or external wall.

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In considering the budgetary and space confines of modern urban living, this social business has created functional, stylish garden planters perfect for the windowsill, balcony or kitchen bench.

Striving to reconnect people with food and the natural environment, madeforward designs planters that are compatible with stylish, modern urban living.

But it doesn’t end there. The planters are made from repurposed materials, including the metal from old fridges and washing machines, and are finely crafted-locally using sustainable methods. With Australia producing 43.5 million tonnes of waste per year, madeforward has made a substantial contribution, by diverting 670 kg of that waste from landfill, just by making the first range of their humble planters!

Not only does this business reduce the amount of material going to landfill, it supports other small craft and manufacturing businesses in South East Queensland.

This is the core of madeforward; a ‘net-positive’ principal which ensures their products have a positive environmental and social impact. These impacts include a reduction in waste, the cleaning of pollutants from the air, the creation of green spaces, access to healthier food and education about waste processes and living systems. It’s an approach which goes beyond the idea of 'sustainable'.

Madeforward is based on the philosophy of making it, and 'paying it forward'. Ten per cent of profits from their products go towards community, environmental and regional development workshops, and projects in Australia and abroad. Engaging with communities and their local resources and skills, madeforward aims to spread the message of sustainability, and the importance of taking care of our natural environment, as well as ourselves.

In this vein, the madeforward website includes videos and instructions on how to build your own brick planter, or how to transform a napkin into a smile-inducing gift.

For Rob Arcidiacono, founder of madeforward, the goal is to get people, “involved and make things their own way. Like the 'pay it forward’ idea, it goes beyond me and onto something else; it goes onto a bigger idea where people become more conscious about the decisions they make whether it’s the way they buy, the way they live or what they eat. Just to be more socially and environmentally responsible with all the decisions they make in their lifestyle.”

Ultimately, by changing the way we see waste, madeforward wants to convert a problem, that being garbage, into something of value. And in this instance, that value is the greening of urban spaces to create cleaner air, and educating people about the natural environment as well as eating fresh, healthy food.

There are more designs to come in future months, but the first range includes a Vertical Plant Ladder, a Benchtop Herb Garden, and a Hanging Wall Planter.