Top 10: Aussie eco-holidays

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Visit stunning living icons in Australia with the lowest eco-footprint possible.


Wineglass Bay, Tasmania (above)

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One of the best things about living in Australia is the diversity of our country.

But have you seen the main icons that our island home has to offer?

By visiting places in Australia, you'll be reducing the high carbon-footprint of overseas travel – and of course learning more about the local society, history, and culture of the place you call home.

Belinda Ward, who has the illustrious title of Duchess of Delegation (MD) for G Adventures Australia & New Zealand, says that, “Australia is such an amazing country, with so much to offer the traveller”.

“While it became a right of passage for young Aussies to travel overseas to Europe or Asia, we’re increasingly seeing a trend towards domestic travel, with travellers wanting to find out more about their own country. Since launching our Australian programme in 2013, we’ve been so pleased to see the high number of Australians who are taking our tours and getting out to see their own country.”

“There aren’t many countries in the world which have the breadth of experiences that we have right here on our doorstep – from the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef to fascinating Indigenous culture, world-class food, vibrant cities, and small towns with colourful characters,” says Ward.

“If you haven’t seen much of our country yet, you should definitely add it to your bucket list.”

Of course you'll be wanting to choose to travel to places in Australia that do their best to keep the natural environment beautiful for everyone to enjoy...

So, here’s our guide to a handful of Australia’s dreamiest destinations, and the best eco-minded places to stay when you visit.

Click through the images below to see our gallery of 10 must-see eco-destinations in Australia.

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