LA story: A guide to shopping green in the Hollywood scene

Avita Co-op

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Bag a beach bargain: Santa Monica and Venice

Ditch four wheels for two, and rent a bicycle for a day-long jaunt along LA's best known beach boulevards.

Rental outlets abound in Santa Monica and Venice, and a super cool cruiser can be yours for around US$15 ($16) a day. Ask for a lock - there are plenty of shopping spots to explore en route.

If the bike doesn't help you blend in with the locals, a spray tan certainly will. At Chocolate Sun in Santa Monica, your bronzed look can be green.

Yes, LA tans come organic, sunless, and custom blended to the colour of your choice using DHA (a naturally occurring sugar). In just 10 minutes you'll be ready to pedal across to El Naturalista for designer shoes made from, amongst other things, tree sap.

Their eco policy promotes using recycled materials where possible, a commitment El Naturalista enforce along their entire chain of supply.

After you terrific tan, cruise along the super smooth beachfront bike path down to Venice beach, taking in the atmosphere en route.

It's an eclectic mix of muscle men, artists selling on the sidewalk, and rollerbladers, skaters and cyclists all vying to see who can look more beachside cool. The occasional op shop is jammed in among it all, but stay focused and head for Abbot Kinney Boulevard, an up-and-comer on the LA shopping scene.

Filled with galleries, antique stores and restaurants, Abbot Kinney offers a myriad of green outlets. The best eco buys are found at Ten Women cooperative. Running since 1994, the co-op has ballooned out to 22 members, all selling their eco-designed sculptures, paintings and jewellery.

The most savvy greenies know when enough is enough - put your feet up for the planet by ending your shopping blitz at Peponi Nail and Skin Care Lounge. Soy mud pedicures or facials are on offer, and nails get the eco treatment with formaldehyde-free polishes.

As you're sipping a complimentary beverage, all that's left to do is express gratitude that many flights to and from the US still allow a whopping two bags of luggage at 23 kilograms each, depending on the airline. (You did carbon-offset your flight, right?)

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