Stephanie Alexander - Eco Hero

G celebrates the Australians paving green paths, inspiring others and achieving big things in sustainability.

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Stephanie has worked as a chef and food writer for over 35 years, and continues to be an outspoken champion of the quality of Australian produce and the importance of good food in our lives. She was awarded an Order of Australia in 1994 for her services to the hospitality and tourism industries, has established the not-for-profit Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (see video below) and has authored 13 books.

What is the most important eco motto you live by?

Reduce food miles by growing as much of your own food as possible without pesticides, and learn how to cook with this delicious food without needing heavily processed convenience foods.

Who is your own eco hero?

All those devoted and knowledgeable home gardeners who have been living this way for years.

What keeps you passionate about the environment?

I can’t believe politicians and businessmen of the world willingly destroy what we have, and I’m overwhelmed at the powerlessness of the individual to influence global decisions. One can only act local and think global.

Where do you see the world 10 years from now?

I hope there will be significant policy and technological advances that will address climate change. There will need to be assistance to the underdeveloped nations. As India and China become ever more developed I hope they have learnt from the excesses of the West and will embrace new, cleaner energy.

What legacy do you wish to leave behind?

A Kitchen Garden program that has become more successful in positively influencing children to want to grow and cook with organic, fresh, seasonal produce.