Tips for yesterday’s bread


Too often we get a great fresh loaf of bread but just can’t make it through the lot while it’s at its best. If you love food but hate waste, here are four great uses for stale bread.

La Madre Bakery - sourdough cob

Sourdough cob.

Credit: La Madre Bakery

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It happens. You get a great fresh loaf but just can’t make it through the lot while it’s at its best. So here's four great tips to save bread waste:

1) Use sourdough breadcrumbs in pasta with some olive oil, lemon zest, a touch of red chilli and some fresh herbs.

2) Top firm white fish fillets with a breadcrumb mixture of lemon zest, parmesan cheese and capers, drizzle with olive oil and pop in the oven until brown.

3) Try a fruit loaf or hot cross buns in your favourite bread and butter pudding recipe.

4) Make croutons from Ciabatta breads for a light crunchy texture or from sourdough loaves for a denser heartier crouton. Rye sourdough adds an earthy goodness, whilst seeded sourdough gives an added texture.

La Madre bakery is based in Geelong, Victoria, where they use traditional and sustainable baking techniques with no preservatives or additives; even their bread is packaged in cellulose bags and labeled with tree-free paper made from bamboo. Their hot cross buns are the first certified carbon neutral buns in Australia. www.lamadre.com.au