3 of the best… Easter 'eggs'

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The spoils of guilt-free indulgence.


From top to bottom: Haigh's Chocolate Bilby, Oxfam Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Alter Eco Dark Velvet.

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This Easter it's all about guilt-free indulgence. But our three options aren't only ethical options, they're also top-notch on taste. So good you won't want to give them away!

Haigh's Chocolate Bilby

Boycott the feral bunnies and opt for a rare Aussie gem, the bilby. Haighs have a longstanding commitment to
conservation, supporting the Rabbit Free Australia organisation since the early 1990s. They make great tasting chocolate too.
$11.35, 125 g.

Oxfam Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Made in Australia from fair trade sourced cocoa beans and sugar, the chocolatier dark chocolate Easter eggs are also available in dark chocolate. Rest assured knowing you're eating delicious chocolate that's made free from child labour and helps families in developing communities to gain independence.
$7.99, 100 g.

Alter Eco Dark Velvet

Say no to Easter merchandise and unnecessarily wrapped products that can't be sold at other times of the year, and just buy good organic chocolate. Giving up the fancy wrapped eggs won't be hard with the smooth, creamy textures of the Alter Eco varieties - our favourite is the dark velvet!
$5.95, 80 g.