3 of the best: compost systems

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Chilly temperatures might make you think composting is impossible – but never fear, these great composting bin systems are here! And they’ll make beautiful compost like you’ve never had before.


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So named because of their unique 'aeration core' Aerobins break down matter aerobically, reducing emissions. The 400 L bin s pest and pet resistant and because of its insulation works effectively year round.
$379, www.aerobin.com.au


Separating the process into three stages is a winner for the 446 L Earthmaker bins, with compost matter moving through stages of mixing, digesting and maturing to create great compost.
$259, www.earthmaker.com.au

Tumbleweed compost tumbler

Great for small gardens and courtyards, this 220 L bin makes composting too easy. By turning the bin every few days you'll mix and aerate, leading to quick decomposition.
$199, www.tumbleweed.com.au