Eco-themed computer games


Here’s our top five indoor eco-themed computer games to play while the weather won’t let you go outside.


Credit: sxc.hu

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While getting the kidlets outdoors to ride bikes and play creatively is the best option for them hands-down, sometimes the weather - particularly in winter months - can have other plans. So for those rainy days, where you might allow a little computer time, try these eco-themed games out.

Fate of the World

This strategy game simulates the environmental and social effects of climate change over the next 200 years. Based on real science and politics, the gamer mission is to solve the crisis by working through environmental impacts, while balancing the food and energy needs of the growing population. Available in Australia at EB games, www.fateoftheworld.net.


In this educational climate change game, kids can test themselves against 22 eco friendly missions where they’ll plant trees, build, earn coins, get rid of loggers and solve environment quizzes. Free online for Mac and PC. www.ecochange.com.au

Plan It Green

As newly elected mayor, the player’s mission is to transform Greenville into a thriving green city by building eco homes, providing clean industry and jobs and applying green upgrades. Free trial and purchase available online. www.nationalgeographic.com/plan-it-green

Clean Up the River

An interactive recycling game from Clean Up Australia aimed at 5 to 12 year olds that tests the players knowledge of how to dispose of different types of waste. Free online, it’s a useful teaching resource nationwide as players can pick which Australian state to play in, and which age level. http://www.cleanup.org.au/au/FunStuff/clean-up-the-river---an-interactiv...

The Footprint Game

Earn as many points as possible by making the most sustainable choices on topics like water, food, clothes and toys, and watch as your footprint gets bigger or smaller. The better the score, the smaller the footprint. Free online at www.littleanimation4kids.com/footprint.

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