How to: make a bug box

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Build a snug bug home to attract beneficial insects to your garden.


A beautiful specially made bug box - but you can easily make your own rustic box using old, repurposed materials.

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True garden lovers know that not all insects are bad. In fact many bugs are beneficial to keeping your garden beautiful as they eat up the plant killers.

Here is an easy way to build a snuggly place that will attract insects to your garden, so set it up now so it’s established for springtime! One of the best things about this bug box design is that it’s made with repurposed products that you don’t have to buy new.

Step 1.

Create a basic, square box with five pieces of the same sized wood. Nail the pieces together so it looks like box with no top.

If you’re not the handyman type, simply upcycle an old wooden box.

Step 2.

Collect some bamboo canes and cut them into short straws that will fit inside your bug box, with the hollow part of the bamboo sticking outwards; this will be the new habitat for a variety of insects.

You can also use old branches and bore or drill holes through them lengthwise.

Step 3.

Stack the canes into your box, filling all the space so it’s packed tightly.

Step 4.

Drill a hole into the back and fix it to a fence or arch. You can also use string or wire and hang it from a tree.

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