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Do you know the shelf life of your natural beauty products?


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Natural beauty products tend to break down faster and can expire twice as fast than cosmetics with preservatives. Here is a list of products you should keep an eye on and toss out when the time is up, as bacteria can start to develop. To get the most out of your natural products, read the expiry date before you buy to ensure you’re getting a good few months out of it, and keep products hidden away from humidity.

Natural moisturisers:

Three to four months for herbal-oil or essential-oil based moisturisers.

Oil-free foundation:

One year. Without oil, the product will dry out more quickly and become darker.


Three to four months. It should be thrown out when it becomes dry – this means a lot of air has entered the tube and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Shampoo and Conditioner:

Two years. To get the most of your hair care, close the caps lightly. Water can break down the product.

Lip Balm:

One year for tubes and three months for pots if resealed properly after each use.


Two years. This includes blush, bronzer and eye shadow. Avoid bacteria build up by cleaning brushes regularly.