Keeping your home cool

Green Lifestyle magazine

We know air-con is the last resort when keeping your home cool, but what are some alternatives? Here’s six handy hints you may not know on keeping your home cool this summer.


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Top tip #1:

Curtains that are light or white in colour will reflect heat away from the house. Keep them closed to stop the sun from making your home feel like a sauna.

Top tip #2:

- Create a cross-breeze by opening more than one window or door at a time, circulating air throughout the house.

Top tip #3:

- Plant trees strategically around the house. Tree-shaded houses can feel up to six degrees cooler than a house without trees.

Top tip #4:

- Turn off any appliances that you are not using. Running appliances drive internal heat gain, so if you don’t absolutely need them, turn them off!

Top tip #5:

- If in an apartment, avoid midday drying of clothes on racks inside, as the water from these items increases the humidity in the air. Cooking can also increase heat and humidity levels.

Top tip #6:

- Replace incandescent lights with LED lighting. Incandescent lighting not only uses more energy, but also generates more heat.