7 easy food swaps

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How to reduce your eco-impact and simultaneously improve your wellbeing.

Food swaps

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Swap 1: Meat for legumes and pulses
A plate of low emission beans and rice can pack the same protein punch as meat, while being higher in fibre and lower in fat and cholesterol.

Swap 2: Dairy for soy and nut milk
The dairy industry has a high methane output and questionable ethics, plus research has linked dairy to weight gain, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Swap 3: Packaged & transported for local
Local food doesn’t guzzle fossil fuels to get to you, it retains more nutrients, plus it’s less likely to be packaged in harmful plastic.

Swap 4: Cage eggs for free range
No antibiotics or colouring additives (that can then go into you) are fed to free range chickens, whose yolks are naturally brighter because the eggs are full of nutrients.

Swap 5: Conventional for organic
Organic animals aren’t fed antibiotics, plus they have better welfare standards (even better, go veg!). There are no pesticides to wash off organic fruit and veg, which are grown in healthy clean soils.

Swap 6: Fast food for homemade
Mass production means farmers aren’t paid well, additives are snuck in and little care is given to the food; if you make it at home you know every ingredient in a dish!

Swap 7: Sugar for wholefoods
Stay fuller for longer, and improve your immune system and your energy levels just by quitting sugar, which is highly processed and labour-intensive.