How to: make compost tea

Green Lifestyle magazine

This recipe is an instant pick-me-up for your garden at this time of year.


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Just because it’s winter and many plants aren’t actively growing, doesn’t mean that your garden doesn’t need a pick-me-up. A drink of compost tea may be just the tonic to keep your garden happy and healthy.

Step 1:
Put about 2.5 L of well-rotted compost from your compost bin into a hessian sack, or wrap it in some shadecloth and secure it. The holes in the hessian or shadecloth will allow water and nutrients to easily permeate.

Step 2:
Drop the sack or wrapped cloth into a large container with about 25 L
of water.

Step 3:
Let to soak for about a week, agitating the bag a few times a day.

Step 4:
Sieve the mixture to remove large particles that could block the head of your watering can and dilute it at a ratio of one part compost tea to four parts water before applying it to the soil or plants’ leaves.

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