Meat for vegetarians

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Quorn is a new meat replacement made from the mycoproteins of cultured fungi.


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When about seven hectares of land is needed to obtain the same quantity of protein from beef production as from one hectare of wheat or rice, it’s obvious there are high eco-benefits to avoiding meat.

For many who take that path, meat replacements are an environmental and ethical option for getting enough protein and enjoying the same types of meals they’re used to.

Mycoprotein is a vegetarian food that is high in fibre and low in fat and sodium, and a protein that has all the essential amino acids. It’s made from a man-made fungi and is available in supermarkets in the form of sausages, burgers, mince and nuggets.

Choice (www.choice.com.au) recommends Quorn sausages and chicken-style pieces as the healthiest, with the highest nutritional values of Australian brands.

It’s worth noting that this meat replacement is not vegan as it contains eggs, and that mycoprotein can be an allergen to some people.

For more info, visit www.mycoprotein.org.