How to make a stand for dips

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Make a funky tiered stand from old plates.

DIY dip stand

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This DIY project uses up-cycled materials to create a unique, beautiful and practical tiered stand for sharing healthy dips with family and friends – the perfect project before a party or social gathering.

You will need:

  • One bowl
  • Two plates of slightly varying sizes
  • Two goblets or sherry glasses. Try to find a centre support with thick, flat rims so that the glue has a large surface to stick to
  • Food-safe glue (we used Instant Krazy Glue All Purpose Brush-On – see next page)
  • Step 1 Place the largest plate on a level surface and glue the bottom of one goblet to the middle. If your goblets vary in size, we suggest using the largest one at the base.

    Step 2 Apply glue to the top rim of the goblet and place the second plate on top, making sure that it is centred.

    Step 3 Then glue the base of the second support goblet to the top centre of the smaller plate to make your final tier.

    Step 4 Apply glue to the rim of the top goblet and stick the bowl on top, making sure it is also centred.

    Step 5 Once the glue has set, fill the bowl with a delicious homemade dip and arrange sticks of carrot and celery on the plates for dipping.

    Tip: Sourcing all of these materials (apart from the glue) from secondhand stores will make your DIY stand all the more unique and sustainable!