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Snuggle into a comfortable lounge, grab a hot water bottle, and throw on a blanket – it's time to get your dose of great green knowledge in our new May/June issue of the magazine.

Low-impact homes

A guide to converting your home to zero carbon by looking at
some of the best new buildings and retrofits in the country.

Carbon offset basics

Find out what happens behind the scenes when carbon credits
are purchased.

The 2014 Green Lifestyle Awards

It's time to once again recognise and congratulate outstanding green
innovation and initiative by nominating your favourite people,
products, and businesses. To nominate, click here.

Saving the Tarkine

This Tasmanian wilderness World Heritage area is under threat – but you
can help by adding your vote of tourist dollars.

How to travel responsibly

With knowledge and planning, your holiday doesn't have to cost the Earth. Take a leaf out of the book from some of the world's best responsible
travel companies.

Detox your vegie patch

Our urban backyards are our green havens, but the risks that contaminated soils pose are very real. Fortunately, soils can be tested and treated.

New LED eco lighting

We walk you through the poster child of low-energy lighting, LEDs.

Should we be eating insects?

Giving bugs a chance could be a way to feed the exponentially growing number of people on the planet.

Grain-free vego recipes

Feel great by eating healthy, satisfying home-made comfort meals that
your body will truly thank you for.

Upcycling – no more waste

Use 'waste' to create a unique bow to decorate your next gift.

More features in this issue:

Zen and the art of water tank maintenance

Keeping on top of maintenance is important for the longevity of your tank, and it's not as daunting as it sounds.

Palm-oil free lip care

So many companies give lip service to the issue of palm oil that it's difficult to see the greenwash for the trees. Speak your ethical words through truly sustainable lips with these beauties.

Vitamins: Synthetic Vs Natural

Just what's in your multivitamins? We take a closer look.

Caring for country

Indigenous rangers combine tradition and science to protect the Outback.

Big pest control

Keeping larger pests away from your vegies is remarkably easy with these expert solutions.

Better business

The growing movement of conscious capitalism proves there is another way.

Sweeter than sugar

We explore some alternative sweeteners to help you choose the best and healthiest.

Is sustainable meat an oxymoron?

Eating less meat, or perhaps none at all, is part of our ethical and sustainable journey, contends Richard Cornish.

Everyday green hero

Recipient of the 2013 Green Lifestyle Awards' 'Local Green Hero', Gavin Webber is an ordinary bloke who has inspired a number of people to live more sustainably.

Building recycler

Duuvy Jester is on a mission to change the way homes are built, creating sustainable dwellings made from recycled materials called 'Earthships' around Australia.

People power unite

Incoming CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Kelly O'Shanassy, shares her vision to create lasting, positive change in her new role.

Hook, line and sinking

The vulnerbility of grey nurse sharks, highlighted by Australian photographer Justin Gilligan.

Free tear-out poster

Invoke the unique experience of the sights, sounds and scents of the Tarkine rainforest in Tasmania.

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