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An online retailer is allowing householders direct access to 100 per cent green power sources, and it's making a clear statement about Australia's Renewable Energy Target.


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In an effort to help people access completely renewable energy electricity supplies, a new online retailer is available in Australia.

Founded in New Zealand, Powershop is the first electricity company in the world that allows customers to pick and choose between different brands of electrical power, depending on prices, environmental impacts, or their associated partnerships with other companies.

Even environment groups are encouraging residents to switch to better power companies through Powershop.

Chairman of Wildlife Victoria, Rob Gell says, "I switched to Powershop because they are a renewable energy company that puts its money where its mouth is."

"They [Powershop] are up for the fight and their work to support the Renewable Energy Target and take on the lies of the big three energy companies - not just about renewables but across the board - this deserves both credit and support."

The Renewable Energy Target is at risk of being stopped after a government-initiated Review of the scheme, headed by a climate denier, is due to be released soon.

GetUp's Campaign Manager Paul Oosting sent an email to their followers, urging them to sign-up to Powershop. "With Origin, EnergyAustralia and AGL using the profits they make from their customers like you to attack the Renewable Energy Target, we need to change the game."

"If the dirty power companies win, billions of dollars of clean energy investment will be shelved, thousands of jobs won't be created and we will all pay more for dirty power that's polluting our air, damaging our health and fueling the climate crisis," says Oosting.

Powershop's green power is derived from multiple renewable energy sources including: wind farm operators Meridian Energy (certified carbon neutral) and Infigen energy; electricity from waste generators LMS Energy; and community renewable generation projects facilitated by Embark Australia.

Currently, Victorians can easily switch to a better power company by signing up online, and other states are soon to follow suit.

There are three main types of products; Everyday, which can be used immediately, valid for 2–3 months, sold in blocks of 1 kWh; Powerpacks, pre-bought electricity bundles that must be used later; or Specials, offered in limited quantity blocks of around one week's usage.

Powershop has just released an update to their mobile app that has a try-before-you-buy feature. You don't even need to be a customer to download it at your app store here -