Greens launch election campaign


2010 election: the biggest advertising campaign Bob Brown has run.

Senator Bob Brown

Senator Bob Brown's policies remain strong on banning nuclear waste dumps, protecting marine life, making clean energy cheaper, and creating a national recycling program.

Credit: The Australian Greens

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The Greens officially launched their election campaign in Canberra this week, with leader, Bob Brown, highlighting recent leadership issues with the major parties, and encouraging disappointed voters to vote Green.

"I offer to Australians who are frustrated with the bickering, the short-sightedness, the leadership spills and the failure of vision of this country, a Greens party which not only for the future in our promise, but on our record, has shown a stability neither of the big parties have shown."

The campaign targets swinging voters, with a TV advertisement slogan; "This time I'm voting Greens".

"I'm continuing to run into people who have voted Labor or Liberal all their lives and are voting Greens this time," said Brown, echoing polls that show disappointment with the major parties.

"This election the Greens are working hard for a historic breakthrough in the House of Representatives, but we are also the choice for voters who want to prevent an Abbott-controlled Senate," said Brown.

"We're making sure that voters know how they vote in the Senate is extraordinarily important," he said.

This is the biggest election advertising campaign the Greens have ever run, with their policies remaining strong on banning nuclear waste dumps, a national recycling program, and a high-speed rail for the east coast.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has welcomed policy commitments from the Greens to cut pollution, make clean energy cheaper and protect marine life.

"ACF strongly supports the environmentally and economically responsible commitment by the Greens to protect special areas in our oceans," said ACF Executive Director, Don Henry.

"The Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster is a stark reminder of what can happen when fragile marine environments are left unprotected. Setting up a large network of marine sanctuaries will reduce the risks of devastating oil spills and protect our unique marine life for the benefit of all Australians.

"The Greens policy of cutting energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2020 would reduce power bills for households and businesses and is very welcome.

"ACF welcomes the commitments by the Greens for increased investment in urban light rail systems and to investigate the feasibility of high speed rail to connect our largest cities. We urge the major parties to follow this lead by committing to re-balance the national transport budget - with two thirds being invested in cleaner, faster and affordable public transport systems - by the end of the next term of government," said Henry.

The ACF's election scorecard will be updated weekly, and currently places the Greens on 81 points out of 100 while Labor and the Coalition are lagging far behind. "Australians want our leaders to reduce pollution and protect our environment and at the moment, the Greens are leading on ACF's scorecard with Labor doing poorly, and the Coalition very poorly," said Henry.