10/10/10 Global Work Party a success


Organised by, yesterday's 10/10/10 Global Work Party was an astounding success as communities across the world united to take action against global warming.

Sydney 'Keep it Wheel'

Sydney, NSW, Australia: Hundreds of cyclists attended Sydney's 'Keep it Wheel' event, and they joined up with the 'VegPledge' picnic at Centennial Park, to promote sustainable forms of transport and food systems.


Melbourne Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Energy efficiency and gardening was the theme of the day at the Melbourne Asylum Seekers Resource Centre.


Hazelwood Power Station, Victoria

Hazelwood Power Station, Victoria, Australia: Protestors at the single largest emitter of dioxins in Australia, the Hazelwood Power Plant, raise a human-powered solar array.


Sutherland Climate Action Network

Sutherland shire, NSW, Australia: Volunteers from the Sutherland Climate Action Network went door-to-door in their community to complete surveys on 100% renewable energy for Australia. Nearly all of the respondents want renewable sources of energy and strong action on climate change.

Credit: Doig

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand: Volunteer bike experts fixed-up old bikes for free to promote sustainable transportation.


Hulhumale, Maldives

Hulhumale, Maldives: Children of the Hulhumale pre-school stand in front of the Indian Ocean that threatens to engulf them before helping to plant mangroves that will help to reduce soil erosion and the impact of storm waves.

Credit: niOS

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Tel-Aviv, Israel: To raise awareness of roller blades as a non-polluting transportation, the Tel-Aviv Rollers group did a 20km route through the city before posing for this shot outside the power station.

Credit: Ronen Avihav

Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda: Despite not receiving all their T-shirts in time, Bombo District in Uganda did tree plantings, exhibitions, and other events with community members and leaders that got the attention of the local and international press.


Serekunda, Gambia

Serekunda, Gambia: The Gambian Ministry of Forestry & Environment got together with volunteers to help clean up beach debris on 10/10/10.


Ibarra, Ecuador

Ibarra, Ecuador: Kids from a Scout group made an impressive collective statement in Ecuador.


Vermont, USA

Vermont, USA: Community members helped to plant 350 trees at the Green Mountain Club headquarters in Vermont.


Victoria, Canada

Victoria, Canada: 150 volunteers at Woodwynn Farms planted 350 fruit and nut trees in just over an hour. The trees will provide locally-grown produce for the community.

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Over 7,000 community events were held in over 188 countries yesterday for the "Global Work Party". The collective message was to promote sustainable transportation and to urge politicians to pass clean energy policies.

The global day of action is run by climate action group, an international climate campaign group that was set up by Bill McKibben, author of one of the first books on global warming for the general public.

350 represents the concentration of carbon dioxide in parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere that is a safe limit for our planet to avoid climate change. Currently, we're at 392ppm, but through targeted widespread action and political change, scientists say that this number can be brought back down.

Yesterday's global climate party action was kicked off in Australia and New Zealand with events including tree plantings, cycling and community garden promotion. Other events around the globe included setting up solar panels in the US, a clothing exchange in Copenhagen, and promoting roller-blades as a sustainable form of transport in Israel.

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