DIY Fence Post Planter Box

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Old hardwood fence posts can often be the perfect material for an upcycled project. Give a loved-one a little handiwork to show them you care, with this – surprisingly easy-to-make – rustic succulent planter box.


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You'll need:
One hardwood fence post
Thumb tacks
Plastic lining
Potting mix

* Note: Using thin nails should help prevent old timber from splitting as you’re nailing the pieces together. If you find the timber is still splitting, try using a drill instead.

Start by measuring and cutting your pieces. You’ll need a base, two sides and two ends. Cut the base piece first. You can cut it to the desired length you’d like the planter to be – just make sure you have enough timber to do the sides and ends. If much longer than our example you’ll need an extra fence post. (We cut our base to 300 mm.)

The side and end pieces will see the fence post lying sideways and attaching to the base sides. For your end pieces, cut two small lengths that are the width of your fence post. This will vary depending on the post so be sure to measure yours well. (Ours was 90 mm each.)

For the sides you’ll need to ensure they’re the length of the base plus enough to cover the thickness of the two end pieces. Measure the depth of your ends and add this (x 2) to the base. (Our fence post was 13 mm thick so we added 26 mm to the sides – resulting in them being 326 mm long each.)

Using thin nails approx. double the thickness of your fence post hold one end piece at a right angle on the outside of the end of the base and nail together from the end piece into the base. It helps to have a second set of hands for this part to hold the pieces together. Repeat with the second end piece.

Sitting the planter on its side, place one of the side pieces so it is resting in the correct spot – it should meet flush over the end pieces and the base. Nail around the three edges into the ends and base. Repeat on the other side. The structure of your planter is done!

Cut a single piece of plastic lining to fit neatly inside the planter and use the thumb tacks to attach it to the inside, about 1-2 cm from the top edges.

Line the base with a layer of pebbles. Cut the cardboard to fit over the pebbles and place on top. This will stop the soil moving into the pebbles and allow for some drainage.

Fill with potting mix and arrange your succulents to fit.