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This organic underwear is important for your own wellbeing – plus you get eco-brownie points from the planet.


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Reviewer: Molly O'Neill

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Sometimes it can be a little tricky trying to do the right thing for the environment.

But did you know that wearing organic underwear is not only good for the planet, but much better for youw own health?

Underwear plays an everyday role in our lives, and is an item that you just can't buy secondhand but that needs to be frequently replenished.

The team at Nico underwear have put together a really stylish yet simple range of underwear that is handmade in Australia using all organic cotton. It's made from organic fibres that are good for us and the environment, and make you feel pretty damn sexy too!

Speaking from experience, these undies are so soft and comfortable that you don't want to take them off (but it is probably best that you occasionally do...)!

Personally I love the 'editorial brief', a mid rise cut in a cream and navy, with a special little black velvet square for detail. Simple and sophisticated.

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