The Australian Green Consumer Guide

Choosing Products for a Healthier Planet, Home and Bank Balance

The Australian Green Consumer Guide

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Product name: The Australian Green Consumer Guide: Choosing Products for a Healthier Planet, Home and Bank Balance

Reviewer: Jenny Blackford

Author: Tanya Ha

Publisher: UNSW Press

Price: $29.95

Size: 286 PAGES

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Regular G columnist Tanya Ha is the author of Greeniology, the best-selling manual to living a greener lifestyle, now in its second edition.

Her latest book, The Australian Green Consumer Guide, focusses on how to shop the green way.

Ha encourages the reader to think about the environmental impact of every purchase, whether it's as small as a bottle of water or as significant as a car.

Although brands are occasionally mentioned, the emphasis is on the principles involved in making the best environmental choice for your individual circumstances.

In the section about heating, for example, she gives detailed tables on the greenhouse emissions of various technologies, plus pros and cons of each, such as the fact that gas heating systems can trigger reactions in some asthmatics.

And in the food section, she advises against overpackaged tea and coffee bags, and recommends organic, fairtrade tea and coffee.

This book can help all of us to change our shopping mindset so that we buy less, and buy greener.

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