Endangered: Tasmania's Wild Places

Tasmania's Wild Places

Endangered: Tasmania's Wild Places

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Product name: Endangered: Tasmania's Wild Places

Reviewer: Kate Arneman

Publisher: Viking

Price: $69.95

Size: 142 pages

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The thesis of this hauntingly beautiful photographic essay is that Tasmania's unprotected wild places are going, going, and in some cases, gone.

Sadly, the soft purple outlines of hills and treetops of the cover image, captured by photographer Kip Ninn in May 2006, fall into the last category.

Today, the Florentine Valley is an industrial logging zone.

In an impassioned foreword, Tassie native and Greens senator Bob Brown writes of the urgent need to give such areas the protection of National Park status.

"This is a crisis. Scattered across our beautiful islands...magnificent wild enclaves await rescue from the impending ruin of exploitation."

In Endangered, 25 photographers and conservationists have contributed more than 100 landscape and wildlife images and several essays to create a coffee table book with a powerful call to action.

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