Aye carumba Alcheringa

Soft white mould rinds, creamy centres and pronounced flavours.

Alcheringa Yalca Biodynamic Cheese

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Product name: Alcheringa Yalca Biodynamic Cheese (camembert-style)

Reviewer: Richard Cornish

Price: $30 per 500 g

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The Peterson family's farm in northern Victoria has been replanted with nearly 30,000 native trees, including grey box and wattles, to provide habitat for the threatened superb parrot.

The Petersons make their money, however, milking cows and selling their biodynamic milk.

They keep a little bit aside to make their brie- and camembert-style Alcheringa cheeses.

The flush of spring grass means the cheeses, with their soft white mould rinds, creamy centres and pronounced flavours, are now at their best.

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