Endgame Volume 1: The problem of civilization

Is there a problem with civilisation?

Endgame Volume 1: The problem of civilization

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Product name: Endgame Volume 1: The problem of civilization

Reviewer: Jenny Blackford

Author: Derrick Jensen

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

Price: $35

Size: 495 pages

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Most readers would probably agree with author and activist Derrick Jensen that what human beings are doing to the natural world is appalling, and that environmental degradation must be stopped.

Jensen writes beautifully, in a style moving from memoir to conversation to impassioned rhetoric.

However, author and activist Derrick Jensen's approach to the problems facing our world is quite different from the ideal of 'pragmatic environmentalism'. Instead, he is sure that the only solution is to take humanity back to the Stone Age.

Jensen is convinced that civilisation is a "culture of death" and inherently violent, and that it must be destroyed as soon as possible, rather than improved.

It disturbs me that he skates over the millions, or billions, of deaths that would be caused by the elimination of electricity, running water, sewerage services and the like, even without mob violence.

The real source of violence is not civilisation, I suspect, but human nature - a topic Jensen fails adequately to address.

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