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This inspirational memoir gives an insight into the mind of an entrepreneur, activist and true Kiwi ‘superhero'.


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Reviewer: Joel Burgess

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This is an inspiring story about environmental entrepreneur Malcolm Rands’ transformation from a humble, local gardener, to the managing director of the environmental one-stop-shop: ecostore (

This book delves into the origins and evolution of this iconic green brand, beginning with the simple desire to not pollute the water they used in their little ecovillage in New Zealand.

One of the most captivating highlights of the book is hearing about the primary funding source of Malcolm’s not-for-profit business: Fairground Foundation, which works on large-scale projects to develop real-world, urban, eco-villages.

The book also includes tips on how to make your home and office greener, as well as other important, yet easy, lessons about living sustainably.

It’s an interesting account of a unique man who doesn’t compromise when it comes to giving back to the environment.

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