I'd tapenade that!

Spiral Foods expand their ethical nourishment into a Mediterranean range – we dip into their brand new Black Olive Tapenade.

Spiral Foods' Black Olive Tapenade

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Product name: Chunky Black Olive Tapenade

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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Size: 200 g

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In the 1970s, Spiral Foods were instrumental in bringing the nutritional benefits of macrobiotics into Australia's mainstream supermarkets. Over 40 years on, the company has branched out to other cuisines, supplying high-quality, healthy products from around the globe to those who care about what they eat, and how it affects the planet. Now, Spiral has looked to the ancient olive tree to inspire their tasty new gluten-free Mediterranean range.

Piquant and sharp but balanced by a soft, creamy texture, the chunky Black Olive Tapenade is made with roughly-chopped, full-flavoured black and Kalamata olives, high-quality extra virgin olive oil and capers. The capers are a nod to tapenade’s history – keep this up your sleeve for trivia – as tapenade originated in the South of France, not Italy as commonly thought. The name is derived from the Provençal word for capers, tapenas, as tapenade was traditionally made with capers, not olives.

The capers, along with the olives, give just the right hit of salt and makes it a perfect accompaniment to baked sustainable fish, like flathead or King George Whiting. Or use this rich tapenade as an appetiser, slather it onto pizza bases, mix it with fresh tomatoes and herbs on top of crunchy bread for bruschetta, or fold into lightly scrambled eggs with some creamy goats cheese for Sunday brunch.

The texture is perfect – not too oily, it’s vibrant and velvety. Even though it’s available at most major supermarkets and health food stores, the spread looks and tastes homemade, because it's made with love! There's no GMOs, and no added preservatives or flavours; just a bit of lemon juice, lactic acid (dairy-derived pH regulator and a natural preservative), salt and distilled vinegar.

With a shelf life of two years unopened, we're going to keep a jar on-hand, in the pantry, for those times when we arrive home from work famished, or unexpected guests drop by. And we're sure to find lots of reuses for all the cute glass jars we'll collect.

Spiral's Mediterranean range also includes a Green Olive and Muffuletta Tapenade, and three varieties of all-organic Dip & Toss Oils, Sugos (tomato-based passatas), and two types of mustard.

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