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Looking to go for a locally-made, locally-grown, traditional-style beer? Here's what we'll be drinking on the much-anticipated hot summer days.


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The Australian vintage beer company, Endeavour Vintage Beer was founded in 2010 by self-described ‘three blokes having a go’ – a brewer, a wine marketer, and a chartered accountant.

These three guys, including brewer Andy Stewart, take pride in using the best barley and hops from each year's harvest, creating beers from the ground up.

The 2012 Reserve Amber Ale and 2012 Reserve Pale Ale are the third of the company’s True Vintage Ales. The beer comes with a ‘best after date’ printed on the bottle.

Reserve Amber Ale pours deep copper brown color with red highlights and foams a thick rocky head. The aroma is a mixture of caramel, citrus and floral notes. The taste is a mixture of caramel, roasted malt, fruits and nuts with subtle bitterness. The rick flavors make it ideal for cooler weather and can compliment with beef, lamb and pork, cheese and rich desserts during Christmas time.

My personal favorite would be Reserve Pale Ale. It pours a radiant golden orange color with just a slight head. The beer has pleasantly fruity aroma, subtle mixture of tropical fruits and spiced herbs. The taste is an interesting mixture of flavors, with a fruity start that follows with a subtle bitterness of rich apricot and spiced herbs. It's a full-flavored beer, and ideal for warmer weather with salads and seafood. Definitely drinking this for hot summer days!

For Stockists click here, or to learn more about the Endeavour True Vintage Beers, check out the Endeavour Vintage Beer website here.

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