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There are 10 Iku Wholefoods stores across Sydney - the above picture shows the Neutral Bay store on Military Road.

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"Every day twenty people wake up and go to the kitchen at four o'clock in the morning and start making nori rolls, rice paper rolls and rice balls and fritters," says Andrew Hayes, manager of Iku Wholefood.

All of the food for the 10 Sydney Iku stores is prepared daily from over 200 fresh, local, seasonal, organic and biodynamic ingredients at the central kitchen. Sandwiched between Thai restaurants and record stores in inner-city Glebe or rubbing shoulders with various fast food chains in food courts, Iku stands out. Where else can you find scrumptious vegan slow food to go - prepared fresh daily and free from preservatives and genetically modified ingredients?

As the name suggests (Iku, pronounced ick-oo, is a Japanese word meaning "to come and to go"), the menu is strongly influenced by Japanese cooking, with lots of miso, seaweed and (brown) rice as well as other grains, pulses, vegies and natural seasonings.

Considering the livestock industry is responsible for 18 per cent of all human-induced carbon-dioxide emissions, a meal that's free of meat and other animal products is about as low-carbon as any eco-foodie can hope for. With many gluten-free options available, Iku is also a haven for anyone with a gluten intolerance. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, whether you're after a sustaining snack on the go, a sweet treat or a hearty winter meal, a visit to Iku will leave you with happy tastebuds, lots of energy and a shining eco-halo.

Main meals cost between $6 and $10; snacks around $4. For more info, including a full list of ingredients for each meal, check out or call 1300 723 962.

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